ECi Customer Support

Customer Support Portal

What the Customer Support Portal Can Do for You

Executives, administrators, key operators, and end users of ECi business systems and e-commerce software can use this site to:

  • Login for secure access to support information.
  • Create new support cases for software assistance.
  • Attach files to help troubleshooting (such as screen shots, and log files).
  • View your current and past support tickets, including who was assigned to a ticket and its status (open, closed, etc.).
  • Add notes to a Web conversation, which you can use instead of email to more efficiently track communications related to a ticket.

The portal will not replace your friendly support team; it will simply streamline ticket handling, and give you best-in-class, convenient access to support for your ECi software.

To log a support call please visit:

For urgent calls please contact us by telephone or email:

UK: +44 (0)333 123 0444 () NL: +31 (0) 88 6363 911 ()