Software for Service Technology Companies

Service Technology

Field-service-oriented dealers require a single ERP solution that handles both service and transactional order processing. By eliminating the need for multiple software packages to manage different parts of the business, you will see the benefits from day one. ECi supplies a solution that will dramatically change the way you conduct business and will make you more profitable.

For over a decade ECi has helped more than 1000 companies better manage common business processes like accounting, inventory control, sales, service dispatch, contract  processing and more. 

e-automate™ ERP

Robust and sophisticated, e-automate™ software is intuitively easy to learn, understand and use:

  • An end-to-end business  management solution – all the key modules you need to run your office equipment/machine-based business
  • Over 35 seamless integrations to e-automate by manufacturers, wholesalers, leasing companies and third-party technology companies
  • Streamlines your entire business, taking costs out and making you more efficient
  • Gives you complete visibility across the organisation and client base
  • No-rekeying – data entry is fast and flows through the system
  • Its own MPS solution facilitates an automatic flow of meter readings to simplify customer billings
  • Intuitive process based user interface makes the system easy to learn and use
  • Robust and centralised SQL server database allows a fast flow of information in and out of the system.

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