e-automate™ ERP Business Software

A Total Software Solution for Service-Oriented businesses

ECi e-automate® software provides service-oriented businesses a powerful ERP to help them compete at any level, no matter their size.

Essential features of e-automate

  • Contract management to ensure you minimise lost revenues
  • Resource tracking, including staff and parts, to ensure you get the maximum compliance and profitably from your service contracts
  • Automation of routine tasks, giving you more time to spend on other areas of the business
  • Real-time reporting allowing you to get the critical information you need to manage the most important aspects of the business
  • Data mining letting you gauge business performance across all departments
  • Simplified sales order processing routines allowing you to give good customer service and increase sales revenues
  • Automated buying to remove time and cost from your operations
  • Easy-to-use accounting that adheres to standards
  • Integrated MPS bringing more visibility, connectivity and automation into this area
  • Web portal that saves your staff from having to deal with routine customer enquiries
  • Add-on features that extend the overall functionality of the system

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