Why JumpTrack™ Proof-of-Delivery system?

Increase delivery accuracy, improve efficiencies and enhance customer service

  • JumpTrack will help you to reduce delivery costs, improve customer satisfaction speed up the invoicing process and keep your delivery operation running smoothly. JumpTrack lets you take more control of your deliveries, order drops and capture customer signatures digitally. All transactions are date and time stamped so you can confirm delivery information and analyse/optimise van routes and maximise driver efficiencies. Electronic manifests get your drivers on the road quicker facilitating more stops per day.  By maximising the productivity of each driver, you may discover that the fleet is actually larger than you need.

Fleet efficiencies

  • Reduce your overall fleet size
  • Increase the number of daily delivery drops per driver
  • Increase business and revenue by ensuring routes are covered in the most efficient manner
  • Analyse routes with more accurate reporting

Administrative efficiencies

  • Avoid payment delays caused by proof of delivery disputes
  • Free up members of staff to work on up-selling and general account management
  • Reduce paper-costs and save on storage space
  • No more filing and retrieving signed delivery documents
  • Verify delivery status while the customer is still on the telephone
  • Generate reports for analysing planned versus actual deliveries and delivery efficiency
  • e-commerce integration provides a customer self-service portal for access to delivery information and electronic signatures

What makes JumpTrack different?