What makes JumpTrack different?

A delivery management solution fully integrated with your ECi ERP solution

JumpTrack is fully integrated to work with your chosen ECi back-office system and information captured is sent back to Horizon/HorizonWeb or Progress instantly making it available to the warehouse, customer services and sales team within seconds. The JumpTrack Portal gives your customers access to signatures and delivery data too.

JumpTrack offers route optimisation, GPS Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery in ONE package - no third party companies to deal with as the software is 100% owned by ECi.

The easy to use interface, lower cost of entry and integration make it the ‘must-have’ solution for ECi customers who are managing their own deliveries.

No proprietary hardware needed and no upfront cost.

  • Little to No Effect on IT

    • JumpTrack utilises cloud-based technology. That means there is no expensive software or servers for you to buy or maintain
    • A web-based solution, JumpTrack safely and securely stores your data, performs all system maintenance, and all system upgrades for you. You gain access to all your delivery information, hosted in our secure data centre—24/7—from any Internet-connected device
  • Low Hardware Costs

    • JumpTrack is a mobile app that runs on smartphones and tablets to save you money on device management costs
    • System Requirements for IOS Device - iPhone, iPod Touch Gen. 5, iPad & iPad Mini: iOS v7.0 or above and 50MB free device memory for install and photos
    • System Requirements for ANDROID support phones or tablets: Android 4.4.1 or above and 50MB free device memory for install and photos
  • Minimal Driver Training

    • The user-friendly application is available on devices that drivers are familiar with – smartphones and tablets –thereby minimising driver training times
    • Typically, within a week, drivers are fully-trained for an immediate return on your investment
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Improved Cash Flow

    • The automation of the POD process eliminates paper-based systems and its associated employee handling costs generating significant cost savings as well as reducing your carbon footprint
    • Electronic POD data transfer capabilities facilitates error-free, same-day invoicing turning deliveries into cash faster
    • JumpTrack easily integrates into Horizon and Progress systems thereby automating many administrative and accounting processes.